Your Handicap: 5 reasons to get game

5 Reasons to Get Game from the Handicap Chair

  1. Stop guessing and get a “real “ handicap  and get out of the “aboutas” club.  Like I shoot about a “100”.   Which means you apply the rules of golf to your scores.
  2. Have more fun. Having an index  enables golfers of different abilities to play each other.  Examples:  Match play events, scramble tourneys, GAO one day events.
  3. Be Credible. When you establish an index no matter how high or low it is you are playing on same level and rules as everyone else.  Change from someone who plays golf to a “golfer”.
  4. Having an handicap allows you to evaluate your game.  Posting your scores on allows you to record every shot and it will show your progress.
  5. Having an handicap implies you will apply the rules of golf to your score and you can use the ESC scoring system.

So, how do you get an index.

  1. Need to play and score  a minimum  of 5- 18 hole scores (including penalty strokes) or 10- 9 hole rounds plus  the slope and rating for the course. Canadian season is calculated from March  1 to Oct 31. If you have played during winter somewhere warm you can input those scores also.
  2. Decide if you want to use either (Golf Associaton of Ontario) site you can join as a public player for the year. You can record all your scores and data to chart your games progress. Having a GAO index allows you to play in Ontario tournaments and scrambles and is recognized world wide  OR you can use your LPGA AGA membership to record your scores and get a handicap. LPGA AGA Canada pays a fee to the USA for you to use this feature so we would like you to decide which one you would prefer to use.

The KEY difference is if you use the LPGA Amateur site and want to play in an Ontario or Canada sanctioned event they will not recognize your LPGA AGA index.


IF YOU HAVE NEVER had an handicap before you score your holes and record your score using a max of 10.

ONCE YOU HAVE A HANDICAP you then post your scores using Equitable Stroke.

9 or less handicap – max of 2 over

10-19-max score 7

20-29 –max score of 8

30-39-max score of 9

40+ -max score of 10