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The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is a 13,000 member, not-for-profit organization with Chapters across North America. Our goal is to offer events and activities that provide a welcome environment for women to learn the game of golf, and to motivate them to utilize golf for personal growth and corporate advancement.

LPGA AGA relies on sponsorship to achieve these goals. Sponsor the LPGA AGA Waterloo Chapter and take advantage of a great opportunity to reach three unique target markets:

  1. Women Golfers – “A Growing Market”
    Golf for Women magazine reported in their 2007 survey that North American women golfers number 6.6 million, or approximately 25% of the golfing population. The participation of women in golf has grown 8% between 2002 and 2007, compared to men’s growth of 2%.
  2. Career-Oriented Women – “An Audience of Business Decision-Makers”
    Today, women’s careers are taking them to both the back nine and the board room. On average, 74% of women golfers have earned post-secondary degree(s). More than 50% of North American women golfers hold professional or managerial positions.
  3. Affluent Purchasers – “Spending Power in Action”
    In 2007, the average North American woman golfer reported an annual household income of $119,000 and net worth over $500,000. Equipment and clothing purchases per golfer were $1,600 in 2007, up from $1,100 in 2003.

LPGA AGA Waterloo Region

The unique target markets described above are reflected in LPGA AGA Waterloo’s demographics. According to our most recent member survey:

  • Age Distribution 97% are 40-60 years in age
  • Professional Status 94% work full-time. 61% are either business owners, senior management/executive, or in professional professions
  • Income 60% report a family income over $70,000
  • Current membership 140 women golfers

As a non-profit organization, LPGA AGA Waterloo’s sponsorship goals are designed to:

  • Provide flexible cash and/or product sponsorship opportunities to potential sponsors so they can attract the purchasing power of our Waterloo chapter members
  • Establish and maintain a mutually-beneficial relationship with our business sponsors.

To become a LPGA AGA Waterloo sponsor, please contact us at:

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