About Us

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association (LPGA AGA) exists to provide opportunities for women to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life. LPGA AGA is an international not-for-profit organization formed to promote and foster a spirit of acceptance, dignity and respect for career oriented women golfers.

Core Values

The LPGA AGA believes in and conducts itself according to the values embodied by the game of golf: honesty, integrity, respect, honour, sportsmanship, fun and friendship. In addition, we believe in, and support:

  • Inclusivity and diversity; golf is for all
  • Golf as an important asset for women in business
  • Volunteer service
  • Mentoring and support for new golfers
  • Advancement of golf skills for all golfers
  • Making a difference for women’s golf
  • Professionalism in our operations and relationships


Our goals are:

  • To provide premier programs for LPGA AGA Waterloo Region members in golf education, player skill development, organized play, and in learning how to use golf in business
  • To provide timely and valued benefits and services to LPGA AGA Waterloo Region members and volunteer leaders
  • To promote the growth of women’s golf
  • To be an advocate for positive change on issues of importance to women golfers