EWGA Waterloo Region 2018 Board of Directors

 Your EWGA Waterloo Region 2019 Board of Directors

Waterloo Region name chapter email
President Pat Chornaby president@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Vice President Mary Joy Aitken vicepresident@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Secretary Dale Sawatzky secretary@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Treasurer Helene Hume treasurer@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Membership Joyce Keith membership@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Communications Diane Williamson communications@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Education Lori Danecke education@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Rules & Handicap Lori Danecke handicap@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
League Chair Joanne Riley leagueplay@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Events Chair Open TBD events@ewga-waterlooregion.ca
Director at Large Fawn Day